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Straight Through Processing of Feedback Forms

Straight Through Processing of Feedback Forms

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Straight Through Processing of Feedback Forms


This paper is written based on the experience our team gained by running the project of digitizing the customer feedback forms for a UK based travel firm. We have tried to cover the whole gamut of learnings that we obtained on due course of project completion and the roadblocks we faced and how we overcame those with specific solutions which could be reused by any other team while facing similar problems.

Problem Statement

The project came out as an outshoot of ideation workshop that we conducted with a UK based travel firm wherein we demonstrated our capabilities in the area of cognitive service especially with computer vision, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) using our home-grown framework SLICE (Self Learning Intelligent Content Extractor).

The customer is a leading travel operator in UK and conducts bra