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A Note From The CTO's Desk

A Note From The CTO's Desk

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A Note From The CTO's Desk

Tech in 20s

Let us start with a quick rewind on the decade gone by that gave us the technology breakthroughs unlike past years.

From smart phone to smart cars to smart cities, technology became a force to reckon with, changed paradigms of disruption and demonstrated to the world what is possible in the realm with emerging technologies.

We experienced “uberization” of businesses, virtualization of markets, “googled” our way to amplify experience and added many more such verbs to our vocabulary. Phones replaced cameras, computers, maps, and “touched” our lives like never before.

Consumerism and customer centricity developed a whole new meaning and we saw creation of innovative products and business models that not only disrupted age-old methods but ushered in a digital era with unmatched consequences. We no more need a shop to retail, a bank for financial transactions or a queue to book tickets.