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Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry is a repository of plug-and-play digital assets based on NIIT’s Digital reference model that ensures repeatable fast engineering. These digital assets can be integrated with your existing apps to provide quick quality engineered solutions to address unique business problems.


Why you need Digital Foundry?
  • Lead the Wave: Continuously innovate, experiment and incubate new ideas to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Where to Invest: Helps you to predict which technology will be disruptive for your industry, and how quickly it will be adopted and the business advantage it brings
  • Speed: Fast-paced build and deployment of digital solutions to gain and sustain a competitive edge.
  • Learn Fast: Reduce the learning curve with access to the latest technology solutions to lead the transformation.


Digital Foundry


What’s In Digital Foundry?
  • Digital Assets that can be integrated to provide quick quality engineered solutions to address business problems.
  • Proofs of Concept and Use cases demonstrating the ‘Art of the Possible’ that can be adapted for unique scenarios.
  • White Papers and Points of View that provide food for thought to establish technology capabilities and thought leadership.
  • Technology Best Practices introducing proven techniques and methods



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