Specialized Testing Services
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Specialized Testing Services

Innovative software applications and products are entering the business at a high and seemingly ever-increasing rate, and in the light of disruptions, they all require thorough checking and testing to deliver the benefits to end customers. We offer Specialized Testing services that combine our methodologies, processes, experience, and best practices, which are supported by world-class tooling to address the current testing challenges.

NIIT Technologies offers various types of Specialized Testing services:

  • Mobile Testing addresses functional and non-functional aspects of applications with the use of virtualized and on-premise mobile devices. This type of testing has grown in importance, given that mobile applications run on a staggering range of mobile devices, operating systems, network carriers, locales, screen sizes, and aspect ratios (unlike PC and Web applications).
  • Cloud Testing evaluates the functionality, performance, and security of cloud-based applications, services, and infrastructure. We test all the layers— network connection, server performance, database, and software applications.
  • Non-functional Testing is based on your business performance requirements with test scenarios defined by you. It includes
    • Performance Testing that ensures that applications perform well under expected workloads. We analyze, validate, and verify performance; we also measure other quality attributes of systems, such as scalability, reliability, and resource usage.
    • Security Testing comprises risk analysis, threat modeling, security test design, security test execution, and reporting, to ensure tight coupling of security measures.
    • User Experience Testing ensures that all channels of interaction with clients are accessible, effective, efficient, and secure.
  • Web Services Testing covers UI-less (provider level) testing after breaking down complex components into more manageable components. Top-down and bottom-up testing methods are applied along with industry-standard testing tools, to improve productivity and reduce costs.
  • Product Testing includes end-to-end product lifecycle testing, test consulting, and analytics-driven product assurance management.
  • Platform Migration Testing covers the entire range of data center migration testing, database migration testing, technology migration testing, and standards migration testing.


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Alliances & Partners

We have strategic partnerships with leading organizations in the industry that enable us to strengthen our Testing Service.

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Ready-to-use testing toolkits comprising specialized tools, frameworks, accelerators, and methodologies, which enable savings in testing efforts while assuring high quality
  • Special focus on internationalization and localization testing capabilities to that ensures product alignment to the local markets
  • Flexible engagement models, talent development programs, and governance model that lead to cost, scale, and bandwidth benefits
  • Forward-looking pricing models that ensure cost optimization.
  • Technology Innovation Center and focused Centers of Competencies (CoCs) enhance product quality and facilitate time and cost savings.


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