SAP Landscape Management
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SAP Landscape Management

Routine maintenance and management activities—mandatory version/release upgrades and patch updates—within the SAP landscape are complex tasks. The volume of data migration from production to non-production systems is huge and can sometimes take days, weeks, months or even years to complete. It requires skilled resources using meticulous methods to complete these tasks. Teams could become inactive during the process and miss the timeline of project deliverables. In addition, tasks like organizing storage/file systems to copying migrated data can be quite challenging.

NIIT Technologies’ SAP application and infrastructure management services follow SAP best practices in application lifecycle management. Our services leverage public cloud and manage on-premise or hosted private/shared cloud DC/DRC.

Key Features

  • Services integrated with SAP Solution Manager follow SAP best practices for application lifecycle management (ALM) of development, testing, QA, and production environment
  • Deployment, migration, upgrade and management of SAP ERP, SAP HANA, SAP Mobility, OS, DB for on-premise, hosted and cloud-based solutions
  • ITIL- and ISO 27000-compliant cross-functional support and professional services including SAP Basis support
  • Hosting and remote monitoring services using tools; automation that aggregates and prioritizes alerts for efficient and proactive response
  • Packaged SAP application maintenance and enhancement
  • Guaranteed fulfillment of infrastructure and application SLAs
  • Consulting, architecture, design, deployment, migration and upgrade of on-premise/hosted private or public/hybrid cloud for SAP estate and associated application

Business Benefits

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership with up to 25% savings over a period of three years in operations, support, and maintenance
  • Reduced cost of inventory, and supply chain planning up to 25%
  • Improved productivity and efficiency of business users by up to 30%; improves insight and capabilities
  • Better managed Capex-Opex model (cloud and hosted model) with flexibility to ramp up and down improving profits
  • Greater operational continuity through centralized management, visibility and control of your entire SAP landscape using a single console
  • Integration of SAP Solution Manager with SAP best practices for improved transport management and faster continuous integration-to-continuous delivery in hours/days against weeks/months
  • Increased operational agility by accelerating application lifecycle management operations and faster response to workload fluctuations
  • Critical service requests fulfilled within SLAs e.g., transport requests serviced within 4 hours
  • Up-to-speed systems and delivery of new systems with standard templates
  • Management of spikes in demand/workload
  • Sustainable IT (reduced energy consumption and minimized e-waste) through optimized use of computing resources

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