Tools Consolidation
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Tools Consolidation

Years of acquiring IT management tools has overburdened business with a wide range of tools that overlap, making it imperative to shed underperforming tools. However, consolidation—rather than shedding—of tools offers various benefits such as tool integration, better service levels, quicker problem resolution, and higher service availability and reliability.

NIIT Technologies’proven capability in providing tool consolidation services uses an assessment-led route to enhance customer experience and deliver exceptional value. We use a four-phased approach—Evaluate, Consolidate, Modernize and Retire—to evaluate tools and integrate/consolidate them as required, reducing the time and valuable resources involved. Our team of technical, functional, and domain experts understands and auto-discovers your IT landscape and then streamlines and aligns your IT operations with your business strategy.

Key Features

  • Assessment and report analysis
    • Assessment of current toolset
    • Gap analysis
    • Technical analysis of individual toolset and customization
    • Understanding technology roadmap
    • Business objective and tool spend analysis
    • Design and Report recommended end state toolset
  • Consolidation and Modernization
    • Retain and integrate tools that cannot be replaced.
    • Upgrade to latest version
    • Deploy new unified tool with MOM capabilities
    • Decommission/retire tools that are replaced by new tool.
  • Run and Manage
    • Customize to meet customer specific requirements.
    • Generate periodic report of overall infrastructure health
    • Operate and fix as per reports.

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Strategic: Alignment of information systems to long-term strategic goals
    • Improve responsiveness, business productivity, agility, and economics
    • Increase process effectiveness and achieves higher customer satisfaction
    • Assesses and consolidates your existing IT tools landscape
  • Operational: Tangible at an operational level for functional heads
    • 99.97% availability of applications infrastructure
    • 20-40% savings on manpower/FTEs (proactive resolution, shift left)
    • 15-30% savings with use of virtual systems (DC, infra); 15-30% savings on software licenses (tool, environment)
  • Tactical: Increase of visibility into business functions
    • Enables root cause analysis and automatic healing
    • Provides single pane view that enables you to link your business and IT goals
    • Provides single source of truth

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