Enabling Smart Operations
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Enabling Smart Operations

As an organization we are seeing three shifts in the market toward:

  • A Cloud First Strategy
  • An Agile Strategy
  • An Automation Strategy

We believe that a combination of these three strategies is essential to deliver Smart Operations.

Jumpstarting businesses often require multi-cloud environments. NIIT Technologies’ specially developed proprietary tool helps you manage workloads effectively in a multi-cloud environment and provides a single pane view. The tool’s exceptional graphical interface intuitively provisions the IT environment for any business service irrespective of the cloud environment.

In today’s fast-paced digital world the traditional approach, where IT infrastructure is sequentially planned, approved, created, and then scaled, will not work. The world has moved to an iterative, agile environment using DevOps to enable continuous delivery, improve release velocity, and reduce wait times or errors. We are focused on Pega, and have created a Pega Continuous Delivery framework, iPCD. The framework uses Pega 7’s case management capabilities to orchestrate and automate the application release process. It brings together a number of key DevOps processes: continuous integration, scripted deployment and the deployment pipeline.

The chief objective of automation is to drive Left Shift and to do this effectively we need to induce intelligence into automation efforts across infrastructure services. We focus on automation at every level: Intelligent Service Desk for faster call resolution, Asset Management for auto discovery of assets, Alert and Incident Management for auto ticketing and self-remediation.

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