Cloud Continuous Delivery
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Cloud Continuous Delivery

Cloud continuous delivery reduces the time of the delivery cycle for a code that is operationally ready. It involves the deployment and use of a near production environment right from the development stage of the project through to testing, and pre-production environments.

cloud continuous delivery

Key Features

  • Customizable common cloud service delivery workflow spanning development, test and operations teams
  • Automated release management for highly scalable, ultra-fast application deployments on cloud
  • Continuous integration and testing of production-like environments
  • Release-readiness dashboard provides visibility and enables collaboration between DevOps

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • 8+ years in Cloud services
  • Migrated and managing 50+ customer environments on public, private, and hybrid Cloud platforms
  • 100% utility-based services—pay-as-you-go facility
  • Flexible sizing with on demand vertical and horizontal scaling 


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