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Cloud Services

Today’s IT requirements are changing rapidly due to increased complexity in applications. Meeting these requirements with traditional on-premise hosting results in increased costs and lack of flexibility. To meet this challenge, IT organizations are moving toward Cloud computing.

NIIT Technologies’ Cloud services with a right Cloud enablement partner ecosystem and proven templates for design, implementation, and management enable you to seamlessly move your business applications to the Cloud while managing the same.

NIIT Technologies uses its multi-cloud provisioning and orchestration solution, CloudPixyTM for automated management and provisioning through a user-friendly graphical interface.

NIIT Technologies’ Cloud services include the following offerings:

Cloud Advisory Services:These enable you to identify suitable opportunities to leverage the Cloud Computing services for sustainable business benefits.

cloud advisory services

Cloud Migration Services: These services offer a phased approach to migrate your IT applications to the Cloud.

cloud migration services

Cloud Operation Services:NIIT Technologies’ cloud operation services are based on ITIL’s standard methodology to manage the cloud operations. This includes managing incidents, requests, change, release, configuration, assets, problem management, accounting, and licensing for your Cloud environment.

Cloud Continuous Delivery: NIIT Technologies’ Cloud Continuous Delivery enables you to customize the common Cloud service delivery workflow, spanning development, testing, and operations teams with automated release management for highly scalable, ultra-fast application deployments to the Cloud, as well as continuous integration and testing of production-like environments.

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Alliances & Partners

We have strategic partnerships with leading organizations in the industry that enable us to strengthen our Cloud Services, like

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

By partnering with NIIT Technologies, you benefit from:

  • Increased agility

  • Flexible engagement models

  • Standardization of services

  • Reduced cost with faster time-to-market

  • SLA-based service reliability

  • Mature and proven processes and data security

  • Minimized risk

  • Faster service delivery

  • IT optimization

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