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Procure Easy

NIIT Technologies ProcureEasy is an integrated services and technologies system that provides a seamless bridge between buying and selling organizations. It facilitates a full-cycle solution from planning to buying, delivery to collections, and receipt to payment release for the procurement process — all in a transparent and secure environment. ProcureEasy is an e-business portal that enables multiple types of procurement transactions, time- and location-independent.

Our solution helps organizations lower operational costs, drive aggregated cross-enterprise spend management, and gain access to a global supplier base. It facilitates informed decision-making through better management of statistical information and purchasing patterns as well as fund management via seamless interfacing with financial systems. Users get foolproof data integrity and data confidentiality for electronic communications and transactions through the use of electronic authentication and digital signatures.

Key Features

  • Multiple procurement types – RFX cycle, auctions (reverse, forward, and more), and contract management
  • Centralized solution with relevant decentralizations for nodal agencies
  • Optimized upstream and downstream of the procurement process
  • Dynamic forms to support comprehensive technical and commercial evaluations
  • Ability to integrate with existing financial and other backend systems
  • Integrated interface for all supplier-buyer transactions through the procurement process
  • Facilitates provisional settlements
  • Online chat and mobile interface

Business Benefits

  • Increases efficiency through automated data processes
  • Accelerates delivery of meaningful revenue data
  • Faster revenue recognition and protection
  • Minimizes revenue leakage
  • Reduces turnaround time
  • Improves cash flow