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Virtual Web Hosting Service

Virtual Web Hosting service provides dedicated platform for Internet services such as Web applications or ecommerce applications for customers. All servers are built on virtual platform in our data center with high security measures.

Key Features

  • Pre-configured
    • Email services
    • Web services
    • Thin client services
  • On Demand
    • Storage space
    • Test/Development environment
    • Groupware and collaboration
    • Web applications
  • ERP and critical applications
  • Advanced security features available
  • SSL support for Web applications

Business benefits

  • Provides flexible Web server function
  • Customer can use their existing domain name, easy to use Web based Secure control panel and original CGI programs
  • Open source service available at low cost
  • Built with CentOS, Apache, Postfix (if application requires email functionality) et al.
  • Provides other optional components
  • Provides database and middleware applications
  • Pay-as-you-use helps reduce total cost of ownership for Infrastructure