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For Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), high operational costs combined with high webpage abandonment rates and process backlogs lowers customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

NIIT Technologies’ BPO services enable OTAs to address these challenges by effectively managing processes. We provide end-to-end BPO solutions spanning critical business areas including hotel contracts, updates and maintenance, queue management, fares, and rules coding. From passport entry to BSP reconciliation, our integrated service approach simplifies your business processes.

Key Features

NIIT Technologies understands the needs of OTAs. We help organizations adopt a flexible, agile business model that integrates IT and BPO. Our offerings include:

  • CRM
  • Travel portal
  • Back office distribution
  • Dynamic packaging

Business Benefits

  • Reduces operational costs
  • Provides an ability to quickly scale up and scale down capacity/operations
  • Improves CSAT scores
  • Reduces abandonment rates thorough efficient load balancing
  • Reduces Average Handling Time (AHT) through process re-engineering
  • Reduces Average Speed of Answer (ASA) through real-time production management
  • Reduces Turn Around Time (TAT) for transactional processes
  • Productivity enhancement through efficient load balancing and cross-training to create resource pools
  • Optimizes account receivables through efficient collection