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Heightened competition necessitates a transformational shift in the business processes of the hospitality industry. Two key areas within this shift are industry consolidation and the adoption of asset-light strategies.

NIIT Technologies’ BPO services enable delivery of consistently high-quality customer service. With our integrated suite of IT, infrastructure, and BPO services, we help hospitality companies manage front and back office operations through a standardized, centralized setup that lowers operational costs.

Key Features

  • Customer Relationship Management: CRM services are a key to retention, enhanced pricing power, and effective loyalty programs. We offer high-quality, consistent, cost-effective customer service solutions with greater measurability and accountability —through our proprietary tools and metrics.
  • Back Office Services: Our centralized transaction processing services help you lower back-office TCO through standardization. We help create economies of scale and labor arbitrage. We also help you enhance process control and business agility, and reduce credit risk.
  • Analytics

Business Benefits

With our technology expertise and business understanding, we have delivered benefits to our clients in the hospitality industry, including:

  • 50 % reduction in number of complaints
  • 90% - 99% reduction in turnaround time, resulting in increased CSAT
  • 80 % reduction in call abandonment
  • 33% reduction in average call time
  • 80 % reduction in average speed of answer
  • Increase in number of emails processed per login hour with increase in work volume and without increase in FTE count
  • 50% - 75% reduction in TAT post-process streamlining