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With today’s levels of competitiveness, airlines must improve business processes to streamline operations. Airlines need to enhance processes in all areas — from cargo to pricing, from fares to customer service. Smooth back office operations are a key to address these challenges.

NIIT Technologies’ BPO services provide comprehensive solutions for the airline industry. As a strategic partner of IATA, we deliver efficient, effective processes for fare auditing, baggage services, and revenue accounting. We have the expertise and experience to provide end-to-end airline BPO solutions, covering pre-flight, post-flight, and revenue accounting.

Key Features

  • Pre-flight
    • Reservation
    • Ticketing
    • Customer service
  • Post-flight
  • Front office
  • Back office

Business Benefits

  • Substantial savings in operational costs
  • Reduces average handling time and abandonment rates
  • Improves customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores
  • Improves process productivity (through real-time optimization of resource utilization and cross-utilization)
  • Significant reduction in back-office transaction errors
  • Enhances capability to deal with fluctuations through cross-training
  • Improves quality control via in-built governance mechanisms and gap analyses
  • Enhances data security
  • Deep insights into customer behavior and needs with real-time reports and analyses, delivered through easy-to-use dashboards and customized workflow applications