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Mobility Services

Mobile solutions have become the crux of all services provided by various industries. They have replaced the traditional communications channels with email, voice, print and television. But there are enterprises you are yet to adopt new technology services. Most companies still lack the internal expertise to develop and implement the right mobile capabilities.

NIIT Technologies, with vast experience and technical know-how of mobile technology, provides insight to deliver valuable, fail-safe, revenue driving solutions. Apart from ensuring enterprise business and IT objectives, we provide a powerful approach for determining and executing a practical and useful mobile strategy.

Why Partner With NIIT Technologies?

  • Ensures an effective mobility solution customized for your industry
  • Established a mobile Centre of Excellence with over 150 professionals developing and implementing mobile computing solutions
  • Helps clients realize the full potential of the mobile channel
  • Works collaboratively with clients to develop customized solutions which address individual benefits, risks and implementation complexities

Business Benefits

  • Offers specific capabilities: Native Mobile Application, Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Web
  • Ensures ease to the customers by providing mobile fund transfer application
  • Develops mobile Application for sales enablement targeting sales executives/agents
  • Provides mobile website transformation and Enterprise Mobility Application