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Application Testing

NIIT Technologies is a one stop domain-led test solution and consulting provider with mature processes and methodologies, domain specific testing assets, frameworks and tools expertise, and Testing CoE and new platforms for driving business results. We employ best practices to reduce costs and mitigate risks for mobile testing.

  • Use mobile device simulators and emulators
  • Testing automation using open source and commercial testing tool set
  • Mobile crowd testing using controlled globally located crowd

Key features

  • Functional Testing: Functional testing is driven by user interface and call flows.
  • Non-Functional Testing: Non-functional testing is carried out to check performance at application server side and client side.
  • Device Testing: Mobile devices have significant constraints of available memory. Memory leakage testing is crucial for the proper functioning of a mobile application.
  • Usability testing: Usability experts ensure that the application gets favorable response from end-users.

Business Benefits

  • Reduces IT applications testing costs
  • Ensures service delivery excellence
  • Flexibility