To remain relevant and thrive in a changing business environment, companies today are trying to realign their value proposition to meet the rising customer expectations. One key area of focus is streamlining operations. NIIT Technologies’ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the potential to create high value for these companies.

RPA can handle high volume routine work without human intervention, freeing up skilled resources for strategic initiatives. Cost savings and reduced operational complexity and management enables companies to do more with less. RPA offers improved service delivery and better control of company’s day to day operations , improving time to market and enhanced customer experience.

NIIT Technologies is a specialist technology integrator in the RPA space providing end-to-end RPA deployment. This starts with our proprietary ProcessGym 2.0 consulting methodology, involving identification of processes suitable for automation, right through to RPA software implementation and integration into live business processes.

NIIT Technologies offers RPA services across verticals and service lines, with special focus on Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Media and Travel and Transportation.

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