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Unleashing the Agile Advantage for Business Value

Unleashing the Agile Advantage for Business Value

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Unleashing the Agile Advantage for Business Value


Agile accelerates software development by promoting seamless collaboration between cross-functional development teams and the client. This helps in eliminating the many ills of traditional project management methodologies, including but not limited to, high development costs, rigidity, complexities in management, and the lack of transparency. This PoV discusses 'DONE-Release at Will', a proprietary robust framework, which is meant to assess the maturity of an organization's Agile initiatives and keeping them at their peak. It effectively improves business agility by promising speed of delivery, ability to scale rapidly, and certainty in delivery frequency and quality, thus leading to 'Release at Will.'

The fast-evolving business and technology landscape calls for rapid and continuous transformation of the technology underpinnings and business differentiation—that too on time and budget. This stems

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