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AI-Powered Email Solution for Efficient Claims Management

AI-Powered Email Solution for Efficient Claims Management

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AI-Powered Email Solution for Efficient Claims Management


As insurance businesses scale far and wide, their service desks are finding it an uphill task even to handle day-to-day claim-related email traffic and respond within SLAs. This builds a huge backlog to the point that it starts to hurt the performance and productivity of the service desk. Moreover, lack of timely responses and effective solutions to customer issues negatively impact a company’s credibility in the long run. A survey conducted by Superoffice reveals that the fastest response time from a service desk is 1 minute while the slowest is as long as 8 days, but on an average, the response time is nearly 12 hours. Above all, 62% of the companies do not respond to customer emails at all.

It is to relate to this reality when we realize what service desks face in terms of the extent of challenges such as:

  • Large, cumbersome email volumes that make customer support difficult

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