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Effectively Managing an IT Portfolio with Application Portfolio Rationalization

Effectively Managing an IT Portfolio with Application Portfolio Rationalization

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Effectively Managing an IT Portfolio with Application Portfolio Rationalization

You cannot build tomorrow’s business with yesterday’s applications. If your sluggish IT landscape is blunting your competitive edge, NIIT Technologies can help. With our comprehensive Application Portfolio Rationalization service, we can identify the initiatives needed to unlock agility in your applications while reducing cost, effort, and time-to-market. With precise tactical recommendations and a long-term rationalization map, we deliver more value by enabling the transformation to a highly efficient, integrated, scalable, and robust application environment. .

Industry Overview

With ever changing and rapidly evolving business needs, the need to improve agility and operational excellence is critical for businesses to survive and thrive. However, this agility is impeded by obsolete application portfolio that is a result of changes in business processes, evolving technology, and increased M&A activity.

The result is a complex, inflexible, and costly IT environment having redundant processes and applications. This may sometimes even create a set of incompatible processes and frameworks, eventually adding to the total cost of ownership (TCO) and leading to mis-alignment of IT and the organization’s overall business objectives.

The variance in business objectives and IT application infrastructure can be controlled and improved significantly by rationalization of the organization’s application portfolio. NIIT Technologies’ Application Portfolio Rationalization service identifies obsolete and redundant applications through rigorous assessment. We help transform a highly complex and inefficient application portfolio to an agile and productive one, aligned to the business strategies and needs of the organization.

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Our Solution

At the core of the Application Portfolio Rationalization service is assessment of each application of your IT portfolio based on its functional and technical health attributes. By evaluating varied functional and technical dimensions, we identify each application’s position in its lifecycle, assess the opportunity for improvement, calculate potential impact, and guide the actions needed to optimize the application’s business effectiveness.

Key Features

Application Rationalization Tool-Kit

  • Comprises industry-standard tools and mechanisms

Robust Framework for Application Portfolio Rationalization

  • Enables to provide recommendations to retain, migrate, replace/transform, conduct functional/technical upgrades, and consolidate IT portfolio

APR Analytical Model and Rationalization Map

  • Provides weightage for key parameters to be assessed
  • Identifies gaps in application portfolio

Application Portfolio Rationalization Framework

Delivering More Value

We facilitate alignment of IT objectives with your strategic business objectives and create a new operating normal characterized by a lean, integrated, and future-ready application environment. Key business benefits include:

  • More Returns: Maximization of ROI to drive long-term business value and reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating redundant applications
  • More Savings: Decreased cost of maintaining applications infrastructure and long-term cost benefits through standardization of technology stack and optimized utilization of IT staf
  • More Efficiency: Increased operational efficiency through modernization of legacy applications with a lean and well-integrated application portfolio
  • More Agility: Consolidation of multiple applications to a more flexible technology environment, with accelerated time-to-market

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

Through our ‘focus and differentiate’ strategy, we partner with select industry verticals in travel and transportation, banking and financial services, insurance, media, manufacturing, retail, and distribution. This focus has helped us understand the complexities of industry-specific application environments. Over multiple engagements, we have shaped best practices and strategies on how to effectively re-configure these environments while minimizing disruption and increasing business agility.

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