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Digital-ASE<sup>2</sup>T Automation Framework

Digital-ASE2T Automation Framework

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Digital-ASE2T Automation Framework


Industry trends point to adoption of Agile and DevOps methodologies along with a rapid growth in mobile applications and mobile users. It, therefore, becomes critically important for testing experts to come up with effective verification techniques to ensure continuous testing and reliability of web and mobile applications. Going beyond routine manual testing and its shortcomings for the mobile platform, NIIT Technologies has created a customized omnichannel test automation framework Digital-ASE2 T (D-ASE2T) using Appium and Selenium.

Digital-ASE2 T Automation Framework at A Glance

The framework is capable of integrating web and mobile automation tests with CI/ CD environment to test web and mobile applications on multiple platforms and operating systems such as Android and iOS in continuous testing. It leverages a variety of open source tools and utilities (AppiumDriver, WebDriver, etc.) coupled with reusable components such as object, keyword and data mapping. It can run tests/validation in parallel saving time and improving time-to-market.

Digital-ASE2 T Automation Framework

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Framework Landscape

Scriptless test automation framework:

  • Test Cases: Contain the list of all the test cases that have been automated
  • Test Data Files: Contain test data for the test cases
  • Function Libraries: Contain all reusable and data-driven functions used in the framework
  • Report Files: Contain test execution results
  • App Files: Contain files of applications
  • Library Files: Contain all the jar files which are required for executing the test scripts
  • Mobile Capability File: Contains information about an app
  • User Manual: Contains the list of keywords, usage, test-suite/test-case samples


  • Zero license cost (as framework is developed using Open Source tools)
  • Saves 30% - 40% effort in test scripting (due to keyword-driven framework)
  • Easy scripting with reusable keywords/ functions
  • Enhanced test coverage as business users can write scenarios
  • Scalable, low maintenance framework


  • Supports automation for Web, Mobile Web and responsive Web
  • Supports automation for Mobile apps—Native and Hybrid
  • Supports multiple OS—iOS and Android
  • Supports multiple platforms—Mac and Windows
  • Single, sequential, and parallel execution
  • Customized reports
  • Integrated with Jenkins for Continuous Integration/Development
  • Supports mobile cloud platform execution (Perfecto, Sauce Labs, etc.)