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Cloud Advisory: Powering a New Paradigm with Customized Cloud Deployment Solutions

Cloud Advisory: Powering a New Paradigm with Customized Cloud Deployment Solutions

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Cloud Advisory: Powering a New Paradigm with Customized Cloud Deployment Solutions


As the new normal, Cloud is no longer just an optional component of organizational IT strategy but a mandatory endeavor that businesses need to prioritize. Many enterprises are considering moving to Cloud or have already begun their journey, sometimes not knowing what their Cloud strategy is or how to define a Cloud-centric operating model to leverage its benefits to the fullest. If you can imagine the complete spectrum of possibilities with Cloud—an infinitely scalable infrastructure available as on-demand and pay-as-you-go, applications and services running on self-healing, self-managed infrastructure, and data and AI driving differentiation—all accessible instantly, then our new Cloud paradigm is just that. It offers you efficiency, effectiveness, and agility. We offer a consultative and advisory approach through client-centric workshops to reimagine a new Cloud operating model and a Cloud deployment strategy that is customized in alignment with exacting business goals and precise outcomes.


  • A Cloud journey starts with a business-focused adoption framework that identifies applications, data and infrastructure and the set of services they enable, which should be moved to Cloud on priority.
  • Through a series of client workshops, a business alignment study followed by the unique business case can be outlined to form the guardrails of the new Cloud operating model.
  • Organizational fit and its readiness to help in identifying the gaps and focus areas where skillset, mindset, and toolset need to be evaluated and strengthened within the organization.
  • Teamwork and collaboration are the essential ingredients of any successful Cloud adoption. A dedicated “Cloud Office” consisting of cross-functional team members transcending the organization silos and fault lines enables faster adoption with the least friction.
  • Security and governance along with financial ethics and cost efficacy are pivotal for any successful Cloud adoption.

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Business focused, converged adoption framework with application, data and infrastructure enabled set of services to accelerate move to cloud

Alignment & Guard Rails

  • Business Alignment
  • Operating Model
  • Cultural Fit

Start with ‘Why’

Cost Reduction & Scalability

  • Assessment & Design
  • Foundational Services
  • Migration & Sprints

Understand ‘How’

Efficiency & Productivity

  • AIOps
  • Programmable Infrastructure
  • Integration with API

Operate at ‘Scale’

Agility & Growth

  • Cloud Native Apps
  • Release at Will
  • Subscription API

Drive ‘Business’

Delivering More Value

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

NIIT Technologies provides Cloud services to over 80 global clients with the help of 400+ Cloud-Ready professionals, about 50% of them being Cloud-certified. Nelson Hall recently recognized NIIT Technologies as a “Leader” in Cloud Migration based on the strength of our holistic and proven approach. We have the intellectual property and other assets to accelerate adoption to Cloud using a robust and mature process in moving to and operating in the new paradigm.