Business View of IT
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Business View of IT

Today, businesses need an application performance management (APM) solution that can provide them a unified view of their enterprise, all from a single screen:

  • Frontend: to address the user/customer experience and expectations
  • Application Tiers: to ensure seamless functioning and operations
  • Backend and Infrastructure: to keep the head lights on while assisting scalability

The real convergence of business and IT happens, when any IT failure is mapped to its business impact in the true sense. Decoding this complexity, NIIT Technologies offers a state-of-art Business View of IT (BVIT) framework to assist organizations in having end-to-end visibility, making sense of the cosmos of IT data captured through multiple tools and displaying it in terms of business parameters.

BVIT assists organizations to move from reactive approach of delivering business services to real-time approach of delivering business services. Industry leading Application Performance Management (APM) tools power the BVIT framework and provide organizations with a unified monitoring capability across the IT landscape

Business View of IT

Key Features

  • One unified platform that is flexible, easy-to-deploy and use
  • Business transaction-centric monitoring and management
  • Real-time visibility and management of entire application environment
  • Rapid time to value (low implementation overhead)
  • Real-time end-user experience visibility
  • Accelerated time to root cause analysis for better decision-making
  • Auto discovery capability and ability to map complex business transaction flows
  • Self-learning and auto-baselining of system performance
  • Fault domain isolation with code diagnostics and analytics

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The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Proof of value (PoV) implementation for 90 days, without any additional cost for customers in the US, Europe, and APAC
  • Creation of critical service views to map business convergence to IT, thereby making organizations proactive and future-ready
  • Partnership with two APM leaders—Dynatrace and AppDynamics
  • Integrated automated operations
  • Impact on upstream changes through Shift-Left strategy
  • Effective cost optimization
  • Delivery of managed APM services

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