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DevOps & Automation

Traditionally, organizations use a tier-based, siloed structure with multiple functional groups. Each of these groups operates independently and delivers services using a specific technology. The functional groups maintain service level agreements that are not common across all groups in the organization. Although this traditional approach helps to achieve operational excellence, there are duplications and inefficiencies among the functional groups, which make it hard to standardize processes across all the silos. NIIT Technologies’ DevOps & Automation Service handles all such concerns raised by silo-based IT operations.

We can help you coordinate and synchronize activities of different functional groups to maintain alignment, improve quality, and lower costs, ensuring a seamless delivery of IT services. Our team has developed a cross-functional layer with DevOps and Automation Service to reduce process inefficiencies and achieve operational excellence. This layer stitches together service experience from various functional groups to deliver high-quality operations. It also measures the effectiveness of the processes and delivers improved services.

NIIT Technologies’ DevOps services seeks to bring your IT technology portfolio forward in a cadence of faster, more predictable releases, letting the organization confirm the results of each phase of the software life cycle toward positive business outcomes.

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Alliances & Partners

We have strategic partnerships with leading organizations in the industry that enable us to strengthen our DevOps & Automation offerings.

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Reduces cycle time for application release by improving the speed of release by 41% along with release quality

  • Offers around 40% productivity improvement

  • Offers 39% enhanced end-customer experience 

  • Accelerates ability to transform into a more agile, quality-oriented, user-centric organization

  • Improves continuous integration process, validation, and delivery

  • Aligns IT with business requirements offering high level business visibility

  • Provides a perfect communication platform for all the functional groups

  • Integrates and manages services efficiently

  • Enables process efficiencies and operational excellence

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