Threat and Vulnerability Management
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Threat and Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability assessment supports the discovery of vulnerabilities in existing systems, subsequent decisions, and remedial actions, e.g. software patches. This assessment service determines the nature of security vulnerabilities, which exist on the network as well as hosts, and methods of mitigation. The assessment covers network equipment like routers, switches, firewalls etc. and operating systems like Windows NT, Solaris, and Linux. This activity is usually performed by executing tool-based scans on network and hosts within the client’s internal network.

The offering has the following elements:

  • Threat Detection: Actively identifying and isolating threats to minimize their impact upon assets
  • Vulnerability Detection: Actively identifying asset weaknesses before they can be exploited by an attack
  • Threat & Vulnerability Remediation: Isolating and resolving asset security issues once identified
  • Security Information Management: Integrating, interpreting, and presenting security related information from disparate sources

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Integrated security solution for a cohesive security environment
  • Optimization of current investment in tools
  • Optimization of data sources while providing real-time preventive and detective response capabilities

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