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CyberSecurity has continued its rise to the forefront as a serious issue and top business priority. With more connected devices comes more data that has the potential to provide amazing insights for businesses. However, this voluminous data also presents new challenges around CyberSecurity. Most organizations have regulatory and legal obligations to implement security in a timely manner. The fear of non-compliance, compromised systems, and data loss are common concerns in today’s global environment. Cyber-attacks can originate from within an organization or from the far side of the globe over the Internet.

In today’s global marketplace, organizations cannot afford to damage their reputation on account of CyberSecurity incidents. Enterprises can suffer major financial losses if a CyberSecurity incident is reported in a business. The fear of revenue loss is the prime reason that organizations have begun taking proactive measures against vulnerabilities in their infrastructure.

CyberSecurity practice, at NIIT Technologies, engages with customers in developing strategies and solutions to counter these threats and bridge the IT risk gap. We create solutions that strengthen the IT security landscape of organizations and enable them to meet their compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our solutions actively integrate an organization’s existing security tools (thus leveraging their current investments) into a common CyberSecurity architecture to accelerate, automate, and orchestrate CyberSecurity processes for incident prevention, detection, and response.


Threat and Vulnerability Management

Security Controls and Identity Management

Security Crisis and Incident Response

Key Features

  • Integrated CIC build-up using intelligent discovery with current-state analysis
  • Security and compliance using standards and controls
  • Multi-tenancy and centralized management
  • Centralized vulnerability management of all IT towers through cyber threat intelligence feeds and correlation of events
  • Centralized management of IT and IT security devices

Key Benefits

  • 24x7 continuous and intelligent monitoring: CIC provides real-time monitoring of logs and other system data to quickly formulate a response and mitigate the attack.
  • Speed of response:  Our analysts are equipped to respond swiftly to malware that has the ability to spread quickly, infecting IT systems and encrypting, exfiltration, or otherwise damaging data in mere seconds.
  • Intelligent analysis: Our CyberSecurity technology helps incident responders with the ability to analyze the incident after it has happened to defend against future attacks. The CIC is also enabled with the cyber threat intelligence feeds to intelligently analyze potential security threats.
  • Automated remediation and recovery: The offering helps clients recover from or stop DDoS attacks, data exfiltration from insiders, and other threats in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Centralized reporting: Our dashboards keep executives, auditors, and security personnel apprised of all security issues or incidents. The centralized reporting also generates compliance reports for various security standards.

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The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • ‘Automation’ first approach with continuous innovation
  • Enabler for organizations to adhere to security compliance and required standards (ISO, SOX, PCIDSS etc.)
  • Analytics for better remediation and prevention
  • Flexible and agile security solution that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of IT security
  • Predictable delivery aligned to business expectations and outcome
  • 24X7 global security monitoring with correlation through a global security solution
  • Centralized security dashboard (Single version of truth for IT and IT Security Health)

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