Digital Experience in Manufacturing
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Digital Experience in Manufacturing

Leveraging one of the digital’s most powerful capabilities, the ability to directly touch end customers, the best manufacturers use digital to enhance the whole ecosystem. We enable manufacturing organizations to achieve “awesome lifecycle experience” for their customers.

Manufacturers are digitally engaging directly with end customers and enabling their distributors and retailers to do a better job of selling and servicing their products.  The more expensive the product, the higher is customer’s expectations of information and experience. Auto manufacturers are providing digital dealer experiences  to wow the customers, telematics devices embedded in cars to help with service and driving behavior, virtual reality and augmented reality driving experience and shared data across the ecosystem to reduce the costs and improve the experiences. Product manufacturers from high value and luxury to commodity are providing information for customers along with comparative pricing, enabling digital channels like Amazon and Alibaba, engaging customers with retailers and distributors through social media, providing feedback and comment capabilities and  other ways to enable the customers.

Key Features

NIIT Technologies empowers manufacturing organizations by providing the tools to:

  • Help engage directly with end customers
  • Connect manufacturers and intermediaries to participate in the design process
  • Increase engagement during marketing through personalized or social media touch, video and even VR/AR experiences
  • Allow frictionless and customer-centric purchasing through digitally-assisted servicing
  • Stay current with innovations that are changing the industry

The NIIT Technologies Advantage 

  • Deep experience in delivering the world’s best digital manufacturing experiences providing an awesome lifecycle experience
  • Extensive domain experience in auto manufacturing, consumer products, and agriculture
  • Rich expertise in core applications that underpin manufacturing and distribution experiences
  • Credentials across all the digital channels
  • Partnerships with many of the leading multichannel experience platform providers
  • Extensive experience in native coding environments
  • Comprehensive end-to-end ideation, execution, testing, and experience devops
  • Agility, cost, and reliability
  • Focus on user experience and business process improvement
  • Digital Innovation Leadership applied to manufacturing and distribution

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