Digital Experience in Insurance
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Digital Experience in Insurance

Insurance is sold on the basis of the primary emotion “fear”, which is a negative one. Insurance is rarely bought, however, insurance is needed and the opportunity exists to move the relationship to a positive one of “cared for”—a relationship based on trust.

It does not matter whether the relationship is with a consumer or a commercial enterprise, whether in Property and Casualty (P&C), Life, Health or Specialty Insurance; the desired relationship is the same—“trusted and cared for." This can become harder to achieve when the relationship becomes more distant and impersonal through digital devices and when information about insurance products and practices becomes more widespread leading to the assumption that the insurance professional is not acting in the best interests of the customer (think annuities, for example).

NIIT Technologies has been helping specialty and commercial insurers to transform digital experiences, including the Internet of Things and embedded devices in manufacturing, fleet management, oil and gas, agribusiness and elsewhere, to transform their customer, employee, and business partner experiences and revolutionize the risk models.

Key Features

NIIT Technologies enables insurance providers to have a positive relationship with customers by:

  • Providing quick quotes to end users
  • Showing that the pricing offered is customized and competitive
  • Limiting the amount of “secret exception clauses” and providing them in simple language
  • Putting customers in touch with a social network of others like them
  • Staying current with technology innovations such as IoT, AI, and VR/AR

The NIIT Technologies Advantage 

  • Deep experience in delivering the world's best digital insurance experiences making people feel "Cared For"
  • Service across Consumer P&C, Life, Auto, Annuity, Specialty, Commercial and Reinsurance sectors including our market-leading Exact and Acumen insurance applications
  • Deep expertise in core applications that underpin insurance experiences
  • Solutions to help customers, employees and business partners feel “cared for” including instant quote, quick pay, and digital unification across channels
  • Credentials across all digital channels
  • Partnerships with many of the leading multichannel experience platform providers
  • Extensive experience in native coding environments
  • Comprehensive end-to-end ideation, execution, testing, and experience devops
  • Agility, cost, and reliability
  • Focus on user experience and business process improvement

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