Data and Analytics in Banking
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Data and Analytics in Banking

Banking is a business built on data and numbers. Now, with all forms of banking becoming more competitive and more global, no industry is better positioned to take advantage of data and analytics to differentiate, compete, and become more successful. However, surprisingly many parts of banking are stragglers in the use of these tools. Today’s leading retail banks and investment banks are looking increasingly at customer, employee, and business partner analytics solutions and massive data availability to better align new prospects with their businesses, to identify customer churn that they wish to reduce, to identify risks in an increasingly punitive regulatory environment, and to identify how to serve their best customers better and turn less valuable customers into high value customers.

Key Features

Through Data and Analytics services, NIIT Technologies enables financial institutions to:

  • Move from customer insight to digital foresight using the next generation of predictive analytics tools and approaches on internal and external data sources
  • Maximize the value to be gained from the explosion in customer, employee, partner and industry data and more sophisticated and powerful tools and tradecraft
  • Overcome the global shortage in data and analytics professionals

The NIIT Technologies Advantage 

  • Market-leading Digital Foresight offering that combines internal and external data and predictive behavior trajectories to deliver business results
  • Deep domain experience in investment banking, asset management, and retail banking
  • Strong understanding of how analytics solutions can reduce churn, target new prospects, identify margin ad revenue enhancement opportunities, identify and mitigate risks and generally help customers realize "Secure Future" from their banking relationship
  • Rich expertise in core applications that underpin banking business
  • Partnerships and experience with many of the leading analytics platforms
  • Agility, cost, and reliability

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