Data and Analytics in Manufacturing
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Data and Analytics in Manufacturing

Manufacturers are digitally engaged and connected with their end customers, their distributors, dealers and retailers, and with their suppliers. Every one of these connections and every element of a manufacturer’s operations provide data. Integrating this massive data, analyzing and visualizing it, and then auctioning it provides extreme competitive advantage to those who capture the opportunity. Whether this is directed at improving business operations or whether it is focused on improving experiences, the principles and many of the platforms and skillsets are the same.

The more expensive the product, the higher are the customer expectations of information and experience. Auto manufacturers are providing digital dealer experiences to wow customers, telematics devices embedded in cars to help with service and driving behavior, virtual reality and augmented reality driving experience, and shared data across the ecosystem to reduce costs and improve experiences. Product manufacturers from high value and luxury to commodity are providing information for customers andcomparative pricing, enabling digital channels like Amazon and Alibaba, engaging customers with retailers and distributors through social media, and providing feedback and comment capabilities and  other ways to enable the customer.

Key Features

NIIT Technologies enables manufacturers and dealers, retailers and distributers to:

  • Move from customer insight to digital foresight using the next generation of predictive analytics tools and approaches on internal and external data sources
  • Maximize the value to be gained from the explosion in customer, employee, partner and industry data, and more sophisticated and powerful tools and tradecraft
  • Overcome the global shortage in data and analytics professionals

The NIIT Technologies Advantage 

  • Market-leading Digital Foresight offering that combines internal and external data and predictive behavior trajectories to deliver  business results
  • Deep domain experience in auto manufacturing, consumer products, agriculture and others domains
  • Strong expertise in core applications that underpin manufacturing and distribution
  • Rich understanding of how analytics solutions reduce churn, target new prospects, identify margin and revenue enhancement opportunities, help engage customers better in the ideation to production process, improve manufacturing operations, and identify and mitigate risks

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