Advanced Analytics
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Advanced Analytics

Sharply growing data volumes from numerous internal and external sources are posing a tough challenge for information systems of various organizations. Next-gen capabilities provide an answer to dealling with this data inundation and deriving actionable insights.

Through our Digital Foresight and Big Data offerings, we help you leverage enterprise and external data sources to drive effective marketing strategies by implementing advanced analytics techniques and technologies.

Digital Foresight: Digital Foresight is a proprietary NIIT Technologies approach and platform, which integrates internal company data, external public data from commercial sources, social media, and advanced predictive analytics capabilities to deliver business outcomes.

Digital Foresight helps you leverage data to drive customer personalization that enables actionable strategy to acquire, grow, and retain customer base leading to a direct positive impact on top line. It also generates bottom line growth proposals by improving operations through predictive modeling and using operational analytics to understand and react to customer behavior.


  • Alliances with data aggregators
  • Advanced analytics models and ontology definitions
  • Recommendations for high value targets
  • Graphical user interface to view recommendations
  • Catalog of specific use case based analytics models
  • Advanced analytics and data visualization solutions for program delivery


  • Business case articulation
  • Business analytics model
  • Data models and ontology based on enriched data
  • Data visualization solution for delivery of recommendations

Our success stories include various engagements including doing high value targeting and market research for a leading insurance client in US to tap into a new region and community to improve conversion percentage by developing better consumer understanding by leveraging data.

Big Data: Enterprises are particularly interested in and impacted by layers of insights and opportunities that underlie Big Data. Our Big Data offering helps organizations quickly design and deploy Big Data Analytics solutions. By offloading historical workloads from Enterprise Data Warehousing to Data Lakes, our solutions lead to significant cost reductions and faster time-to-market with minimized risks.


  • Data Lake platform to capture and store large data streams in native, raw form
  • Team of certified Big Data engineers and architects
  • Frameworks / platforms to accelerate implementations


  • Architecture and design document
  • Test cases
  • Tested implementation
  • Reports, visualizations, dnalytics, deliverables

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