Data and Analytics in Media
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Data and Analytics in Media

The explosion of media channels including newspapers, the internet and digital properties, radio, TV and other broadcast mediums, mobile apps, SMS, emails and so on, means customers are increasingly overwhelmed by various media options and messages. Cable TV used to be 500 channels and nothing on; now it is 50,000 TV and internet channels and no way to know what is on. On the internet, you can find a product from a retailer on another continent faster than you can find a retail store around the corner with the product in stock. Moreover, when you type a product in your search engine, you get over 1,532,244 options.

On the other hand, media companies are finding it harder to reach the customers, who have become  more polarized, have ever higher expectations and are starting to engage technology to bypass many of media’s traditional revenue producers (ad skipping on a DVR, online news vs. newspapers etc.).

Further, business customers, who often provide most of media’s revenue are becoming more demanding in terms of visibility, predictability, and evidence of results.

Data and Analytics provides a solution to all these aforesaid challenges. It provides a better understanding and insight into customers and other needs, better proof of advertising effectiveness, better ability for customers to find or be provided with compelling and interesting content, and a new wave of externally provided data, which allows a deeper understanding of customer preferences besides your own relationship.

Key Features

NIIT Technologies enables media companies, media consumers, and media using businesses to:

  • Move from customer insight to digital foresight using the next generation of predictive analytics tools and approaches on internal and external data sources
  • Maximize the value to be gained from the explosion in customer, employee, partner, and industry data, and more sophisticated and powerful tools and tradecraft
  • Overcome the global shortage in data and analytics professionals

The NIIT Technologies Advantage 

  • Market-leading Digital Foresight offering a predictive digital foresight by blending internal and external data to deliver business results
  • Deep domain experience in optimizing personalized digital media experiences and maximizing revenue
  • Strong experience in print and broadcast
  • Extensive expertise in core applications that underpin media business
  • Partnerships and experience with many of the leading analytics platforms

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