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Future Ready: Multi-Channel Distribution in Life Insurance

Digital is creating a plethora of opportunities for growth, the most potent example being the innovative and attractive range of multi-channel distribution techniques. Insurance providers that are able to gear up to the digital opportunities are able to achieve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth. This whitepaper explores five key digital technologies that become a vital differentiator between success and failure of the insurance providers.


Reimagining the Role of Investment Advisors

Research reveals there is no single, integrated solution available in the market that meets the needs of the advisors. It clearly indicates that advisors have to customize or buy a solution based on the needs of their customers. New age customers are looking for an ideal advisor portal for their all-round financial needs. Ideal advisor portals enable advisors to become truly mobile, enhancing their sales effectiveness, and overall ability to service customers.

Turbocharging Trade Processing for a Competitive Edge

Businesses are beset with competitive pressures such as evolving customer needs, increasing transaction volumes, and massive competition, to name a few. Managing these challenges requires raising the bar on performance management. This is where a robust performance management and reporting system (PMRS) plays a vital role as an enabler. Businesses that focus on the implementation of PMRS ensure better governance, visibility, transparency, streamlined business processes, and profitable growth.


Charting the Course to Procurement Transformation

As companies pursue sustainable high performance, a scalable and secure platform is emerging on the horizon—one that transforms manufacturing and retail companies’ source-to-pay processes. This paper explores one such platform that supports any procurement transformation journey. It identifies seven challenges and 10 features to demonstrate how and where the new platform can deliver a wider range of benefits.

Rewriting History - Legacy Transformation in the Insurance Sector

As the economy continues to recover, insurers are focusing on consolidating and developing an effective legacy system management and transformation strategy that not just lends competitive advantage, but also minimizes transformational cost, disruption, and risk. In this white paper, we discuss the legacy transformation roadmap and look at the strategies, and consolidation method to help insurers achieve their business transformation goals.


Reference Data Management in Financial Services

Effective Reference Data Management (RDM) helps financial institutions address challenges created by increased global regulatory pressure coupled with a fragmented regulatory landscape. It facilitates seamless flow of clean, consolidated, and accurate data throughout the enterprise. It also enables organizations to save millions of dollars every year, augment efficiencies, manage risk efficiently, improve customer loyalty, and support sound corporate governance. Our experts discuss the need for RDM in financial institutions, challenges of implementing an efficient RDM, and our RDM process.

Capturing the Business Value of Extended Trading Services

Information Technology plays a pivotal role in facilitating trade execution and processing. This paper focuses on the information technology stack that intermediaries commonly use for end-to-end processing of trades, the challenges, and solutions that can lead them to spatial and business growth.



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