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Breaking the Migration Barrier

Collaboration across devices, work spaces, and geographical locations has become the norm for today’s connected workforce. While Lotus Notes is an early pioneer of the information repository and access mechanism, many organizations are now choosing Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.


Flipping the Pricing and Underwriting Odds in Your Favor

In an increasingly volatile and customer-centric age, it is essential to not only invest in SOA that enables real-time integration, but also assimilate risk-related information. The insurance industry needs to fast-track the assimilation process, right-price risks, and explore the possibilities of accessing real-time information. This paper discusses how data aggregators integrate with core policy administration systems to directly receive underwriting and risk data in real-time and use it for decision-making and accurate risk-pricing.

Digital Foresight - Preparing for the Future

What innovative ways should marketers use to understand, collaborate, and influence consumers in the next generation of business? We believe the answer is digital foresight. We help our clients gain digital foresight by using advanced predictive analytics that enable them to understand, see, and anticipate the specific needs of their customers. It is equally important to understand that companies need to tap their Big Data for offering products and services that help customers spend smarter, rather than merely upselling.


Rethinking Traditional Infrastructure Outsourcing

Ever since Traditional Outsourcing has gone almost extinct, enterprises are focusing on investing more on the next-generation service providers that can transform IT operations, and provide agility to match the ever-changing dynamics of business. This paper highlights how and why traditional infrastructure outsourcing market is shrinking dramatically. It also explains how the new age vendors can adapt to new technology to provide benefits to Gen 2.0 clients.

Cut the Bloat - Right-Size Your Application Portfolio

Just as organizational needs evolve, compounded by economic uncertainty, deficient IT alignment, mergers and acquisitions, and compliance pressures, organizations become a hub of legacy applications and redundant processes. These applications are often sub-optimal, create information silos, have incompatible technologies, and an unmanageable application portfolio. Therefore, it is necessary to create an application strategy that rationalizes organizations’ legacy portfolio and prepare them for emerging business requirements.


The New Age of Collateral Management

As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, collateral management has become a top priority.  Financial market participants are responding by tweaking their outmoded spreadsheet-based systems to an automated and advanced collateral management system to meet the new collateral requirements. This paper outlines the changes regulations are driving, analyzes collateral management in the current economic scenario, and recommends best practices to improve the collateral management setup.

A SMAC in the Face for Industrial-Age Business Models

Digital transformation is key to differentiate your products and services and drive business performance. It is therefore important for organizations to transform the way they do business and build an integrated model between the driving forces—Social, Media, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC). An integrated SMAC model provides scalability and flexibility, making it easy for users to get what they want.


The Case for Integrated Monitoring in Customer Experience Management

Great customer experiences are planned, designed and actively managed. Companies that orchestrate an experience symphony across every facet are able to execute every transaction on time. The paper advocates how organizations must deliver a rich, personalized cross-channel experience without any changes in user experience.

Creating a Smarter Travel Experience

Traditionally, frequent business travelers have used travel management companies (TMCs) to make and manage all travel bookings. However, with the exponential growth in mobile devices, travel companies need to leverage mobility to provide services throughout the journey and enhance customer experience. Sounds simple enough. Yet TMCs are finding it difficult to leverage mobility due to additional revenues. Find out how TMCs can use a cost-effective, integrated mobile itinerary platform to offer goods and services to their customers.


Taking Customer Engagement to the Next Level

Today, social media is not just a popular way of interacting with customers; it is also a powerful means to improve a firm’s brand image. Progressive insurance companies are venturing into social media to improve their turnaround time and cost-to-serve. While measuring the ROI for social media initiatives is difficult, insurers can proactively use social media to understand how customers feel about their products and what they can do to emerge as winners in the long term.


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