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The Age of Digital Enablement

A forward-looking digital strategy that is customer-centric supports revenue growth, making digital programs a high priority. However, the timely and successful deployment of strategy initiatives is limited by the pace at which digital applications can be produced and updated. This paper discusses cost-effective data and application integration solutions to power an aggressive digital enablement strategy— the secret sauce of successful customer-oriented organizations.


Mastering the DevOps Disruption

DevOps removes the barrier between development and operations through a cultural and professional movement in juxtaposition with the 3 Cs–Character, Communication, and Continuous Delivery. This paper outlines the challenges in adopting DevOps approach and how they can be resolved to achieve continuous delivery and frequent releases.

Safeguarding Claims Integrity A Transformational Approach

Get more than an insight a day, to keep the fraud away. Here is one such forward-looking, proactive solution that helps organizations to detect and materially crush fraud. If you are conditioned to think about better management of fraud risk and compliance exposure, think about Digital Foresight that performs pattern analytics and signature analytics, gives discrete geographic perspective, predicts when and where the fraud will occur, uses data in real-time, intervenes early to indicate fraud and captures data every hour of the day.


Online Banking: Meeting Customers Where They Are

Surprisingly, the first picture that flashes in people’s minds when they think of  banks is long queues, paper work behind cash deposit or withdrawal, and so on. The banking industry today is embracing a new concept of banking in which automation and customer preferences play a key role. Automation means online banking solutions and better engagement while maintaining online reputation. Welcome to the era of online banking.

From Good to Great: Taking Customer Relationship to the Next Level

Insurance firms today are moving back to the basics, shifting their attention from complex product offerings to a new set of core principles to redefine the customer relationships. This change is a result of factors such as evolving customer dynamics, inability to meet customer expectations, and migration from legacy systems, and traditional distribution models.


Streamlining Insurance Operations for Future-ready Enterprises

The digital revolution has magnified the need for insurance companies to streamline the operations. Streamlining operations helps achieve cross-channel excellence, enables organizations to become customer-centric, and increases customer self-service options—resulting in digital transformation of your legacy systems.

Airline Travelers to Get the Bigger, Better Deal

Air travel has become more accessible to travelers across the world. Today, we have more passengers flying than ever before and better technologies to service passengers and enhance their journey. A rich retailing experience, powered by International Air Transport Association's (IATA) latest standard—New Distribution Capability (NDC)—engages and inspires passengers, and delivers real-time, relevant offers from both direct and indirect channels.


Power Ahead with Smart Cargo Management

Realizing the benefits of cargo systems requires new ideas that deliver more value. The “idea” is a smart cargo management system that automates and simplifies the cargo handling process. COSYS, co-developed by NIIT Technologies and SATS is a proven warehouse management system specifically designed for cargo ground handling agents and cargo carriers.

Take the Digital Leap - Sell More, Sell Better

Insurance companies are realizing that empowering their sales intermediaries with digitalized methodologies and tools offers tremendous growth potential. This paper explores how insurance companies can leverage digital strategies for empowering and motivating the salesforce through a never-before selling experience, and delight customers by offering a superior buying experience.


Unlocking the Wealth within the Advisor-Investor Relationship

Generation D—the digital generation—is educated and digital literates who represent $ 27 trillion in net worth. They are more comfortable using digital tools—making wealth management more complex. In order to deliver a superior customer experience at every touchpoint, new age customers are looking for digitally enabled advisors with integrated organizational systems, which can provide prospects and clients a superior experience at every stage of the customer life cycle.


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