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From Good to Great: Taking Customer Relationship to the Next Level

Insurance firms today are moving back to the basics, shifting their attention from complex product offerings to a new set of core principles to redefine the customer relationships. This change is a result of factors such as evolving customer dynamics, inability to meet customer expectations, and migration from legacy systems, and traditional distribution models.


Streamlining Insurance Operations for Future-ready Enterprises

The digital revolution has magnified the need for insurance companies to streamline the operations. Streamlining operations helps achieve cross-channel excellence, enables organizations to become customer-centric, and increases customer self-service options—resulting in digital transformation of your legacy systems.

Unlocking the Wealth within the Advisor-Investor Relationship

Generation D—the digital generation—is educated and digital literates who represent $ 27 trillion in net worth. They are more comfortable using digital tools—making wealth management more complex. In order to deliver a superior customer experience at every touchpoint, new age customers are looking for digitally enabled advisors with integrated organizational systems, which can provide prospects and clients a superior experience at every stage of the customer life cycle.


The Case for Integrated Monitoring in Customer Experience Management

Great customer experiences are planned, designed and actively managed. Companies that orchestrate an experience symphony across every facet are able to execute every transaction on time. The paper advocates how organizations must deliver a rich, personalized cross-channel experience without any changes in user experience.

Creating a Smarter Travel Experience

Traditionally, frequent business travelers have used travel management companies (TMCs) to make and manage all travel bookings. However, with the exponential growth in mobile devices, travel companies need to leverage mobility to provide services throughout the journey and enhance customer experience. Sounds simple enough. Yet TMCs are finding it difficult to leverage mobility due to additional revenues. Find out how TMCs can use a cost-effective, integrated mobile itinerary platform to offer goods and services to their customers.


Reimagining the Role of Investment Advisors

Research reveals there is no single, integrated solution available in the market that meets the needs of the advisors. It clearly indicates that advisors have to customize or buy a solution based on the needs of their customers. New age customers are looking for an ideal advisor portal for their all-round financial needs. Ideal advisor portals enable advisors to become truly mobile, enhancing their sales effectiveness, and overall ability to service customers.

Rewriting History - Legacy Transformation in the Insurance Sector

As the economy continues to recover, insurers are focusing on consolidating and developing an effective legacy system management and transformation strategy that not just lends competitive advantage, but also minimizes transformational cost, disruption, and risk. In this white paper, we discuss the legacy transformation roadmap and look at the strategies, and consolidation method to help insurers achieve their business transformation goals.



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