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Upping the Insurance Data Security Game

Security breaches in health insurance companies can result in a real catastrophe. The sensitive nature of electronic health information while it is stored or transmitted between entities demands the highest level of security. Therefore, insurance companies must ensure that security management processes are created and policies are administered to address security issues. They also need to ensure that prevention, detection, containment, and correction of security violations are in compliance with the HIPAA security rule.


Reinventing Traveler Experience with New Age Technology

Mobile is driving expectations for superlative app experiences. Airlines need comprehensive and easily accessible mobile apps to achieve customer delight and stay on top of customer expectations. To achieve more context-aware, real-time, and personalized interactions, airlines must use advanced technology to take mobile apps to the next level. Learn how aligning technology to business strategy can help airlines build loyalty and brand awareness.

Reinventing the Wheel: Transforming Traditional IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Enterprises today are dealing with unpredictable demand cycles, increased cost pressure, and uncertain revenue streams. Hence, it is imperative for forward-looking enterprises to invest in new-age vendors that can bring flexibility and agility to the table in tune with evolving business dynamics. This paper highlights how and why the traditional infrastructure outsourcing market is shrinking dramatically and how new-age vendors are benefiting Gen 2.0 clients.


Accelerate PSS Migration Testing through Smart Test Data Management

Management of test data and test environment at all stages of testing makes PSS migration successful, and paves the way for smooth airline operations. Effective test data management helps improve testing effectiveness and reduce time and cost of providing high quality, safe test data for smooth PSS migration. We provide our test data management framework that can help you detect defects early in PSS migration for increased customer satisfaction.

Transforming Operational Acceptance Testing

Failure of systems at the end point is a prime concern for all organizations. During testing of a system, operational acceptance tests do not always receive due importance. Often, traditional testing is limited to functional and performance testing. Organizations need to collectively test infrastructure and applications to uncover all issues. This white paper talks about how companies can deal with downtime and achieve high availability through a metrics-driven approach for Operational Acceptance Testing.


Digitalize Reporting - Master the Changing Regulatory Environment

Financial institutions face the uphill tasks of regulatory compliance and reporting. In order to ensure that they are in line and in time with these non-negotiable regulatory requirements, they need to invest in the infrastructure and leverage technology to ensure effective, accurate, and documented compliance processes. The investment should be timely, aligned with the current regulatory environment, and periodically monitored so that financial institutions are able to keep pace with the changing needs.

New Era in Property and Casualty (P&C) Insurance—Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is taking over the business world as enterprises look to transform the way they offer value to their customers. To support this, businesses are seeking a holistic cloud computing strategy that will help them reduce costs and enhance business agility without compromising customer data and security. This paper outlines the challenges and benefits of implementing a cloud solution while describing how best to design and deploy a cloud computing strategy.


Demystifying Legacy Systems—Know it All

Legacy systems supporting the insurance industry burden it with high operational costs, inflexibility, inadequate technical support, high compliance risks, and incompatibility with newer systems. Yet, maintaining these legacy systems can offer a competitive advantage. A robust knowledge acquisition engine, coupled with strong knowledge institutionalization can go a long way in helping the support and maintenance teams to comprehend the business functionality within the legacy applications, enabling them to create a modernized application in a relatively smaller timeframe.

Driving a Successful PAS Transformation

For insurance organizations that work with legacy systems, the key to meeting today's market challenges lies in moving to flexible, distributed policy administration systems (PAS), claims administration systems, and billing systems. An efficient system transformation process should take a holistic view of process-wide complexities, and define ways to address the challenges that arise with the transformation. This paper takes you a step closer by providing recommendations that help avoid the pitfalls in transformation.


Be Nimble, Be Quick - Driving Agility in Insurance

At a time when most companies are gearing up to deliver swift, effortless engagement, insurers should aim to invest in development methodologies, flexible infrastructure, modern applications, and operational excellence to improve business dexterity. It is important that they up the ante and reinvent strategies, products, and services to achieve this.


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