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Leveraging Analytics to Improve Ancillary Revenues for Airlines

Airlines have a huge opportunity of utilizing analytics to improve their ancillary revenues. Using structured analytics maturity framework to drive analytics initiatives for the right personalized offers can boost ancillary revenues besides customer satisfaction and customer retention.


IT Infrastructure Management: The Road to Transforming Business

IT infrastructure management is an effective means to drive business transformation. Due to several challenges in managing IT infrastructure, service providers must devise an effective strategy and approach that involves complex systems and processes to maintain a competitive edge.

The Digital Dawn of Surety Bonding

A SaaS based surety solution has the potential to reduce costs, provide better risk evaluation capabilities, and improve workflow processes. NIIT Technologies N-Surety is a subscription-based technology solution that responds to evolving demands of the industry.


How Virtualization Can Make You an IT Powerhouse

Virtualization is an important strategic decision and can transform your IT to meet business expectations and move organizations closer to dynamic IT. The paper takes an in-depth look at unique approaches to virtualization and how it offers businesses a choice when moving to a completely virtualized infrastructure.

Airline Redux: How IoT is Set to Change Travel as We Know It

Airlines need to leverage new technologies like the Internet of things (IoT) to exceed customer expectations. Transition from a reactive approach to one that governs every touch point across traveler journey is essential to make the journey truly memorable.


De-risking Cyber Threats with Insurance

Cybercrimes have significant implications for businesses. Current norms indicate that existing business and standard insurance policies are not geared adequately to cope with the impact caused by cybercrimes. This paper explores the need for cyber insurance today and attempts to answer how cyber insurance can protect businesses from cybercrime.

Building Risk-Averse Enterprises in the Travel Industry

How well do you understand the impact of risks on travel enterprises? Do you know what data to analyze in order to identify risks? What is the way forward for travel enterprises? Read this whitepaper to get more insights.


Modernizing Insurance Customer Care

Today, consumers are uber-connected. Every second, they are making their presence and preferences known through different media. Knowing consumers is relatively easy, but knowing how to deliver on customers’ expectations requires understanding them better and adopting a customer-centric focus and omnichannel technology to implement it.

New Age Asset - Airline Passenger Revenue Accounting

Revenue accounting systems handle the worldwide sales of an airline, delivering data analytics and providing a competitive edge. These systems provide relevant, real-time information, and minute details required to check the performance of a single route, on a single day. This whitepaper takes you a step closer by offering ways to select the right revenue accounting system and stay ahead in an aggressive and challenging airline industry.


Delivering Personalized Services to Customers

Historically, airlines need robust backend systems with necessary infrastructure to bring in the ‘personalization’ element. However, the success of such systems depends on the ability of airlines to understand the personality, attitude, situational need, and real-time location of their customers at all touchpoints. Hence, airlines are now focusing on delivering personalized services by cultivating a culture of delivering superior customer service.


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