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Business Advisory SME Kapil Jain explains how NIIT Technologies is helping clients adapt to the “New Normal” – Adoption of the virtual Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously impacted businesses globally. As governments and organisations work hard to enable businesses to restart; there is a growing realization that the world will have to adapt to a new paradigm.


How Digital Health Passports can help Restart the Air Transport Industry

Report by Marta Dimitrova, Editor, Future Travel Experience

How NIIT Technologies is supporting businesses grappling with the transition

NIIT Technologies Advisory SME’s John Speight and Joseph Mendel respond to common questions on LIBOR


3-D QA Framework for Testing AI-infused Conversational Interfaces

As Chatbots and other conversational interfaces are deployed, the testing approaches need to undergo a sea change. Performance considerations like Conversational Flow, Deep localization, Latency and Security need to become a critical focus. Learn about our 3-D QA Framework for Testing AI-infused Conversational Interfaces. It is a comprehensive, end-to-end framework that covers various dimensions like channel integration, conversation flows, and monitoring. The assurance of these dimensions is accelerated by various native conversation test accelerators.

Gamification: Fueling Sustainable Growth in the Insurance Industry

Gamification in Insurance puts customers in the driver’s seat of truly engaging and rewarding experiences. In the final analysis, customers are better informed about insurance dynamics, make better product and coverage decisions, and are more satisfied while insurance companies benefit from improved underwriting, customer loyalty, and lasting business value.


Reinvent Insurance with Cognitive Computing - Reap Attractive Margins

Insurance sector is at the forefront of the march towards cognitive computing worldwide. NIIT Technologies, with a proven track record of multiple successful cognitive computing implementations for many insurance clients, offers claims management solutions that ensure faster time-to-market, higher agent effectiveness, lower customer acquisition costs, improved sales, and enhanced customer experience.

Reshaping the Future of Flyer Experience

Personalization is a prerequisite for travelers today. Leveraging technology to offer interactive, intelligent, individual, and context-specific passenger experiences throughout the journey lifecycle is the key to success for airlines.


Better Mobile App Adoption Through Instant Apps

App users expect high-end features without any compromise on speed or excessive demands on resources. Instant Apps effectively enable better user engagement by providing required functionalities in a modular way without making huge demands on resources like memory or CPU.

Assessing the State of Mobile App Security

The majority of mobile apps in use these days manifest a deficient approach to addressing information security. Organizations must adopt a robust incident monitoring plan that leverages the best practices of mobile app security to deliver trustworthy apps and ensure swift recovery from CyberSecurity incidents.


Going Native with React Native

Developing an efficient app can be time-consuming and expensive. Involvement of multiple platforms makes this task further challenging. This thought paper shares key insights about React Native app development framework and the benefits it provides to app developers.


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