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Premium Projection: AI-Led Approach to Drive Profitability

The global insurance industry, after having leveraged technology to streamline its core operations, needs to look now for key intelligence to determine where and how to scale/evolve its business further. Our AI/ML-driven intelligent solution can thoroughly analyze the existing portfolios to determine premium pricing that is a win-win – attractive to the consumer and profitable for the insurer.

Thought leadership
Thought leadership

Transforming Processes for Customs through Smart Digitization

Customs processes are of critical interest to governments due to their trade and national security significance. However, current manual processes overseeing customs operations can miss risky trade and declaration profiles potentially putting nations and their trade apparatus at huge risk. Continuously learning Intelligent Customs Solutions powered by AI/ML can help customs experts zero in on the high risk profiles while continuously managing all trade movements without fail and getting better with their predictions over time.

The Next-Generation Agent Experience Platform: Spur Sales Growth and Enhanced Customer Experience

Digital disruption has forced the agents from being mere basic insurance providers to proactive advisors. Agents need advanced digital tools so that they can meet the changing customer expectations. The agent experience platform offers a perfect solution that empowers the agents while also providing a much smoother experience to the end-customers.

Thought leadership
Thought leadership

Intelligent Enterprises through Robotics Process Automation

With its ability to stitch an automation story across multiple application environments, Robotic Process Automation can streamline back-office operations and enable businesses to realign their value proposition seamlessly to meet changing customer expectations and thrive in a dynamic business environment. This thought paper gives insights on how RPA can help significantly reduce turnaround time, interact with multiple applications in a non-intrusive manner, and enhance accuracy and reliability.

Duck Creek Platform Data Migration Challenges - 12 Ways to Mitigate and Deliver Efficiency

Duck Creek Technologies is a software suite that is configurable, scalable, and upgradable. The client faces challenges due to oversights in due diligence of business requirements and configuration of the Duck Creek platform. This whitepaper talks about the data challenges and the approach insurers must adopt to identify and resolve them.

Thought leadership
Thought leadership

Leading the Digital Change – A CIO Perspective

Changing market dynamics are opening up new business opportunities and intensifying competition. To stay ahead, businesses need to leverage digital technologies—Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud computing (SMAC)—to provide a personalized and contextual customer experience. Enterprises also need to create a “Digital First” strategy and design infrastructure that delivers value to their customers.

This POV talks about the evolution of infrastructure in the SMAC era and how businesses should overhaul their IT infrastructure to keep pace with digital technologies.

The Case for User Experience Research

User research can help enterprises identify needs and expectations, increase user empathy, uncover the actual issues underlying customer pain points, and spawn valuable inspirations for the new products. NIIT Technologies can help you tailor research activities based on your needs and budget in order to help you learn more about your users’ behavior and build the right product.

Thought leadership
Thought leadership

The Art of Service Integration and Management

In multi-sourced operating models, where services are provided by myriad teams or delivery organizations, ensuring seamless delivery is a challenge. One way to address this challenge is through fragmented Service Integration and Management (SIAM) function. An effective SIAM strategy streamlines change management, invests in transformation, and enables collaborative relationship management.

A Little Less Oversight, A Lot More Foresight

Risk management has taken a center stage in the world of finance. The volatility and growing complexity in the financial services industry has made it necessary for regulatory bodies to impose compliance regulation on capital, liquidity, and operations. This paper focuses on how technology interventions can be used to manage the risks better.

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