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Smarter, Simpler, Secure, and Accurate: How Smart Operations are Transforming Financial Operations

Back-office automation could help banks eliminate various inefficiencies and discover new opportunities in core functions, such as account opening, credit processing, and fraud prevention. The current PoV outlines why back-office process automation is critical to a bank's digital transformation journey, and how we help clients on this pathway using a robust suite of automation solutions powered by low code platforms.

Thought leadership
Thought leadership

Unleashing the Agile Advantage for Business Value

Agile accelerates software development by promoting seamless collaboration between cross-functional development teams and the client. This PoV discusses ‘DONE-Release at Will’, a proprietary robust framework, which is meant to assess the maturity of an organization's Agile initiatives and keeping them at their peak. It effectively improves business agility by promising speed of delivery, ability to scale rapidly, and certainty in delivery frequency and quality, thus leading to ‘Release at Will.'

AI-Powered Email Solution for Efficient Claims Management

It’s not uncommon for insurance businesses to find their service desks clogged with email traffic and often their performance and productivity SLAs are in jeopardy. Our solution based on Intelligent Automation takes this issue head on to bring in a fresh and innovative perspective. When certain common issues can be closed using automation sans human intervention, it makes an extremely compelling proposition.

Thought leadership
Thought leadership

Unleash the True Potential of Ethereum Blockchain Platform by Resolving its Scalability Challenges

There are severe scalability challenges with using Ethereum Blockchain network platform when organizations attempt to deploy it for enterprise-grade applications. There are several potential solutions to address it, but a balanced study is needed to understand the benefits and limitations of each before deploying them. Our detailed study of 3 potential options compares and contrasts one against the other. It indicates a high probability of success if one or a combination of solutions is adopted before deploying a specific application on the Ethereum platform.

Blockchain Reference Architecture – A Smarter way to implement Agile and Effective Blockchain Solutions

The Blockchain reference architecture with pre-assembled components designed and delivered by NIIT Technologies is production-ready with enterprise-grade capabilities. With its easier adaptability and faster development capability, the reference architecture fills the critical gap in expertise while enabling the business organizations and their technical teams to focus more on their business use cases. It will enable a consistent standards-based solution and help the organizations accelerate their Blockchain adoption journey by driving solutions to the market quickly, cost-effectively and successfully.

Thought leadership
Thought leadership

Radically Improving Property Appraisal and Underwriting Through a Cognitive Approach

The critical activity of accurate property assessment before underwriting it comes with its own set of challenges and expense for an insurer. A string of such inadequate and ineffective assessments will impact business and customers over time. Our intelligent solution using machine vision can be your ticket to resolving these challenges for good. By leveraging outcome-based prediction, it augments the inspection & appraisal capability of appraisers and improves overall underwriting decision-making.

Driving Insights and Profitability through Automated Policy Docket Validation

Most mid-sized and large insurance companies process policy data valued at nearly USD 1 billion annually. This involves high document volumes during the insurance life cycle from quotation to final claim. The IT environment to support this typically involves document management platforms that are tightly integrated with core platforms to facilitate policy administration, billing, and claims.

Thought leadership
Thought leadership

Premium Projection: AI-Led Approach to Drive Profitability

The global insurance industry, after having leveraged technology to streamline its core operations, needs to look now for key intelligence to determine where and how to scale/evolve its business further. Our AI/ML-driven intelligent solution can thoroughly analyze the existing portfolios to determine premium pricing that is a win-win – attractive to the consumer and profitable for the insurer.

Transforming Processes for Customs through Smart Digitization

Customs processes are of critical interest to governments due to their trade and national security significance. However, current manual processes overseeing customs operations can miss risky trade and declaration profiles potentially putting nations and their trade apparatus at huge risk. Continuously learning Intelligent Customs Solutions powered by AI/ML can help customs experts zero in on the high risk profiles while continuously managing all trade movements without fail and getting better with their predictions over time.

Thought leadership
Thought leadership

The Next-Generation Agent Experience Platform: Spur Sales Growth and Enhanced Customer Experience

Digital disruption has forced the agents from being mere basic insurance providers to proactive advisors. Agents need advanced digital tools so that they can meet the changing customer expectations. The agent experience platform offers a perfect solution that empowers the agents while also providing a much smoother experience to the end-customers.


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