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Boosting financial services performance through intelligent automation

A recent McKinsey report says finance and insurance professionals spend 50% of their time collecting and processing data. That soars to 90% for mortgage brokers. Hardly the definition of efficiency


Transformation into the insurance company of the future is no small undertaking

Right now, the insurance sector is grappling with multiple challenges: a new, disruptive competitive landscape; soaring customer expectations; the changing nature of risk; outdated legacy systems and processes; surging cybercrime, and ever increasing legislation requirements.

Unlocking hyper-personalized experiences for Travel and Transport customers

In the last decade, customer expectations have soared, and delivering premium experiences has become a top priority for many in the travel and transport industry. As digitisation continues to revolutionise the way travellers plan, book and arrive at their destination, businesses are leveraging their data to meet the demands of their customers, and automating processes wherever possible. Here’s why...


FY 16 pat up by 145%

Board recommends Rs. 10 dividend per share

Q3 FY’16 PAT up by 54%

Secures a large deal from a UK regulatory body.



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