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Conquering the Mobile App Era

NIIT Technologies helps insurance carriers create a phase-wise mobile app testing roadmap. The roadmap helps choose the right mobile app testing platform, and design and implement proven mobile app test strategy and test plan.


Paving the Way for Successful New Skies Upgrades

NIIT Technologies offers end-to-end testing consultancy and quality assurance services for Navitaire New Skies, enabling smooth transition and go-live.

Enabling Wealth Management Testing Services for Predictive Quality

To mitigate risks and costs, it is important that wealth management organizations perform end-to-end testing in line with the organization's business goals and aspirations. NIIT Technologies’ Wealth Management Testing services provide testing solutions that help wealth management institutions deliver high quality solutions. We offer comprehensive testing strategy and execution—both functional and non-functional—for all wealth management business processes, multi-channel transformation, and automation programs.


Redefining Passenger Services Systems for Airlines

PSS sits at the heart of an airline’s IT landscape. NIIT Technologies offers unique, integrated Passenger Services Systems (PSS) that automate all major passenger service functions including shopping, reservation, ticketing, check-in, seat assignment, and ancillary service sales.

Breathing New Life into Legacy Systems

The insurance marketplace is transforming. Chief Information Officers need to quickly launch new products, improve market share through new sales channels, meet changing regulatory requirements, and reduce expenses in funding new technologies.


Airlines Test Repository to Drive High Availability and Greater Agility

Today, there is an increasing need for airlines to look beyond just leveraging the new business models and technology, to building airline applications. By focusing on the value of a ready set of business critical test scenarios, airlines can ensure improved application quality at a lower cost and early release of new or enhanced airline applications. We have developed an airline test repository for different advanced airline applications—enabling effective utilization of resources, greater return on investment, and increased customer satisfaction.

Shaping a Sustainable Digital Strategy with User Experience Assessment

How well do you know your users? Do you have the elements of a great UX strategy in place? NIIT Technologies' User Experience team can help enterprises understand customers closely, design a consistent and efficient experience, and enhance customer satisfaction by delivering highly personalized interactions.


Driving Reliability in Reconciliation Processes for Capital Market Firms

Capital markets firms face multiple challenges, including increasing data volumes and stringent regulations. In such a challenging environment, our end-to-end reconciliation process offerings serve nostro, depot, private client position, and transaction reconciliations. We make reconciliation processes swift, accurate, and effective through process expertise, robust tools and applications, and cost-effective delivery models.

Ensuring Scalable and Defect-free Applications for Financial Institutions

Applications provide a foundation for an organization’s key offerings. It is therefore necessary that these different applications are thoroughly tested and verified before deployment. NIIT Technologies’ best-in-class comprehensive, domain-led testing services help global banks and financial institutions reduce software development and maintenance cost, enhance application quality, reduce overall testing cycle time, and mitigate technical and business risks.


Effectively Managing an IT Portfolio with Application Portfolio Rationalization

Who would have thought businesses need to improve agility and operational excellence to survive and thrive? NIIT Technologies Application Portfolio Rationalization service unlocks agility in your applications while reducing cost, effort and time-to-market. We help transform highly complex and inefficient application portfolios into agile and productive portfolios aligned to the business strategies and needs of the organization.


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