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Cloud Operations—Realize Operational Excellence by Optimizing Capacity and Performance

Infrastructure-as-a-managed-service is a critical element of achieving agility and high performance in your cloud operations. NIIT Technologies with its AI-enabled Cloud Operations Framework and ITIL standard practices has the expertise to transform your foundational infrastructure to realize and sustain the highest levels of capacity, performance and availability.


CloudPixyTM: Kickstart Governance and Orchestration with Insight-driven Plug-and-Play IT

Multi-cloud environments have become the critical components of most successful organizations with effective IT infrastructure today. To deal with the attendant complexities of managing multiple parallel cloud environments, a time-tested orchestration solution like CloudPixyTM is imperative not only to reduce complexity and costs but also to realize the agility and optimization promises of Cloud. The myriad features of its Cloud Portfolio management and modeling platform and its orchestration engine go a long way in helping the organizations achieve their business goals.

Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service: Making Disaster Recovery Happen at a Click

Business data volume is growing and with it, the risk of its potential loss due to natural disasters and man-made attacks also increases. The risk only skyrockets further as availability expectations mount and data sources explode in richness and diversity. A Disaster Recovery solution is an imperative as an agile one-click solution such as DR-as-a-Service which can help modern businesses protect Data - their biggest and most valuable asset and ensure business continuity with compliance.


Jumpstart your Cloud Journey with a Structured 10-Step Approach and Migrate Critical Applications Rapidly and Seamlessly

There is a strong need for a comprehensive strategy backed by robust methodology and flawless technical execution for enterprises migrating critical applications to cloud--public, private or hybrid. NIIT Technologies provides comprehensive professional services to help enterprises migrate complex and demanding applications to Cloud.

Cloud Advisory: Powering a New Paradigm with Customized Cloud Deployment Solutions

Cloud has become the sine qua non and a critical ingredient of most successful businesses today. However, there needs to be a focus as much on Cloud adoption as on the transformed business operating model after Cloud deployment in order to derive the maximus value from this investment. To activate the right business benefits within the wide spectrum of possibilities offered by Cloud, a customized Cloud deployment strategy and operating model are mandatory. The comprehensive Cloud advisory practice from NIIT Technologies provides just that.


Leveraging Chain-m for Transforming Backend Settlements for Airlines and their Partners

Revenue leakage, lack of trust and transparency, incorrect fares, and commission violations are critically cutting down the profit margins for airline industry today. Chain-m, our Blockchain solution offers an effective, cost-efficient proposition for enabling a simplified back-end process of settlement, for authenticating transactions for carriers and their partners.

Amplify Your Potential with Artificial Intelligence

Enterprises are keen to embrace AI, but they often struggle to start in the absence of a well-defined approach. NIIT Technologies enables enterprises to embark on the AI journey by following a robust three-step approach that enhances efficiency and cost savings.


Digital-ASE2T Automation Framework

Digital-ASE2 T, the customizable omnichannel test automation framework offers enhanced test coverage for desired business outcomes. As a scalable, low maintenance framework, it enables companies to cut test efforts significantly.

Enabling Financial Institutions to Leverage Data Aggregation

NIIT Technologies’ data aggregation framework helps financial institutions meet regulatory requirements. The framework delivers a matured risk data aggregation state with on-demand customized dashboards and reports.


Steering Your Airline to a Paperless Digital Era

NIIT Technologies’ paperless solution enables airlines to replace current paper-based processes—flight operations, ground operations, and crew workforce—with digital processes.


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