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Delivering Cost Saving of over USD I Million for a leading Global Airline using Robotic Process Automation

A prominent global airline was looking to minimize costs by automating high volume and repeatable error-prone tasks. Drawing on our deep domain experience, we re-engineered their business into a set of automation-friendly processes by deploying company-wide robotic process automation. Flawless processes, reduced average handling time, and huge cost savings were the end outcomes.

case study
case study

Enabled Cost Savings of USD 1.5 Million for a Leading US Luxury Hotel and Casino Chain through Robotic Process Automation

A leading US-based Luxury Hotel and Casino chain discovered that its guest experience suffered due to its numerous manual processes and longer turnaround time. By implementing robotic process automation, we introduced smart bots across its core functions, making processes lean and efficient. Ensuring total compliance while doubling operational agility, we enabled huge savings and uninterrupted services for the end users of the client.

Transforming One of the Global Airlines through Digital Automation and Real-time Analytics on Sabre IX for Increased Efficiency and Better Customer Experience

When a major global airline anticipated a wave of huge growth, it turned to digital automation and real-time analytics as part of its digital transformation journey. We set up a stable decision platform that drew on both operational and real-time data to enhance passenger services and administrative functions. This helped in improving time-to-market of new features at reduced cost while creatively leveraging automation in reducing labor as well as auto-fixing of customer issues.

case study
case study

Transforming Digital Commerce by Growing Mobile Sales by 100% in 6 Months for a Leading Global Airline in Europe

A Fortune 500 European full-service large global airline was looking for a digital transformation partner to boost digital presence, grow mobile sales, and ancillary revenues. Our real-time interaction management solution and state-of-art micro services architecture for the front-end channel site leading to profitable outcomes.

Benchmarking DevOps Maturity Across Portfolios for a Leading Technology Provider in the Air Transport Industry

The client, a leading technology provider in air transport industry, approached us to benchmark their DevOps maturity level across portfolios. Our solution not only provided them clear visibility but also enhanced productivity and improved baseline performance.

case study
case study

Accelerating Time-to-Market for a Leading Destination Carrier in the US

A leading destination carrier in the US turned to us to improve the quality and speed of releases of complex, business-critical applications. Our solution not only helped to reduce errors, but also cut the release cycle from weekly to daily and on-demand.

Deploying Robotic Process Automation for Risk Entry Operations

The client, a leading specialist insurance and reinsurance business, approached us because increased operational costs led to fluctuations in business volume, making ROI and meeting deadlines difficult. We leveraged our intensive vertical experience and rich RPA talent pool to provide a solution that not just increased efficiency and accuracy, but also bolstered savings.

case study
case study

Strategic Re-Platforming for an American Airline

A leading US airline contacted NIIT Technologies to upgrade their sales channel. Utilizing our over two decades of travel domain experience and e-commerce expertise, we delivered a modernized e-commerce platform and robust testing services. The solution lead to enhanced agility and customer satisfaction while ensuring 100% compliance.

Migrating to Cloud in Record Time Using Agile Practices for Eurostar

Realizing their IT environment was spiraling out of control and it was imperative to migrate to AWS Cloud on a tight deadline of five months, Eurostar turned to NIIT Technologies for a solution. We implemented a seamless migration of the client’s services by moving the entire backend IT infrastructure and critical applications to the cloud in record time.

case study
case study

Future-ready Revenue Accounting Solution for a South Korean Airline

Jeju Air wanted an integrated solution to improve process efficiency and guard against revenue leakages. NIIT Technologies partnered with the airline to deliver timely and accurate revenue accounting. The revenue accounting solution provided high quality throughput, ensured better revenue flow, streamlined processes, increased business efficiency, and guarded against revenue leakages.


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