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Accelerating Mobile-Enablement of a Technology Provider’s Hotel Reservation System

Get mobile fast or lose a hard-earned competitive edge—when our client was at this crossroad, they turned to NIIT Technologies. Their reservation system had a large client base in the hospitality industry.

case study
case study

Implementing a Global Financial System as a Platform for High Performance

NIIT Technologies’ client, Europe’s leading financial services provider, sought to support, maintain, and enhance its existing International Financial System (IFS). To achieve this business goal, we implemented an augmented financial system that could enhance itself as per the new regulations and financial requirements—enabling the client to be future-ready.

Creating Opportunities and Enabling Greater Productivity On-the-Go for a European Construction Materials Supplier

With the increasing use of smartphones compatible across multiple platforms, companies must consider how to best utilize these platforms to increase their reach amongst the customers. We developed a custom mobile application for one of world’s major suppliers of cement to enable greater productivity and profitability on-the-go. The application developed provided real-time updates in SAP without any dependency on Internet connectivity.

case study


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