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Case studies

Strategic Re-Platforming for an American Airline

A leading US airline contacted NIIT Technologies to upgrade their sales channel. Utilizing our over two decades of travel domain experience and e-commerce expertise, we delivered a modernized e-commerce platform and robust testing services. The solution lead to enhanced agility and customer satisfaction while ensuring 100% compliance.

case study
case study

Deploying Management Tools for Residential Mortgage Loan Portfolios

A leading asset management company approached NIIT Technologies seeking better management and analysis of residential mortgage loan portfolios. We implemented a set of powerful tools that minimized risk, improved issue resolution, and ensured compliance with Solvency 2 Directive.

Revolutionizing User Experience for a Financial Investment Management Company

A global financial services company wanted to deliver competitive advantage through an enhanced application experience for the users. We redesigned the user interface to deliver a highly responsive user experience.

case study
case study

Enhancing Efficiency with Revamped Wealth Data Retrieval System for a Financial Investment Management Company

NIIT Technologies helped in improving the responsive web application framework that acts as a multi-channel platform. It rendered a friendly user experience, better performing application, improved user productivity, and a more up-to-date user experience with an overall reduction in ongoing platform maintenance cost to the client.

Optimizing Incident Management and Resolution with CRM Integration

A global provider of investment processing, management, and operations solutions was looking to automate their incident management system, critical to improving response and resolution times. NIIT Technologies helped the client to replace the error-prone manual process with a streamlined and secure platform-enabled complaint resolution in a timely and orderly manner.

case study
case study

Implementing Quality Assurance Services for a Leading US Insurance Company

A leading insurance organization in the US wanted quality assurance services across the entire gamut of functional areas including BOP, Auto, MA Auto, E&O, and WC. NIIT Technologies assumed overall responsibility of the client’s IT QA services, mitigating risks from potential gaps and providing continual process improvement.

Consolidating Multiple PAS Systems for a Fortune 500 US Insurance Provider

A not-for-profit fraternal benefit organization faced problems related to maintenance of legacy and non-legacy PAS systems and their consolidation into one single, modernized PAS. NIIT Technologies' PAS consolidation team helped the client address these challenges within the stipulated timeframe.

case study
case study

Migrating to Cloud in Record Time Using Agile Practices for Eurostar

Realizing their IT environment was spiraling out of control and it was imperative to migrate to AWS Cloud on a tight deadline of five months, Eurostar turned to NIIT Technologies for a solution. We implemented a seamless migration of the client’s services by moving the entire backend IT infrastructure and critical applications to the cloud in record time.

Empowering Field Agents with Real-time Information

The client sought to introduce an iPad app among the field agents to enable quick decision-making and faster conversion of prospects into customers. Apart from enabling a technology-based competitive edge for the client, NIIT Technologies’ app yielded time-savings for both the agent and the prospective customer, increased productivity of the agents, and ensured better customer experience.

case study
case study

Enabling digital transformation at mid-tier banks

Banks are embracing digital transformation and looking for solutions which can be deployed almost instantly. Mid-tier and cooperative banks are further looking for cost-effective ways to stay relevant and competitive. With NIIT Technologies’ BankingEasy on Microsoft Azure cloud, mid-tier banks can instantly deploy a core banking solution with comprehensive digital functionalities.


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