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Migrating to Cloud in Record Time Using Agile Practices for Eurostar

Realizing their IT environment was spiraling out of control and it was imperative to migrate to AWS Cloud on a tight deadline of five months, Eurostar turned to NIIT Technologies for a solution. We implemented a seamless migration of the client’s services by moving the entire backend IT infrastructure and critical applications to the cloud in record time.

case study
case study

Empowering Field Agents with Real-time Information

The client sought to introduce an iPad app among the field agents to enable quick decision-making and faster conversion of prospects into customers. Apart from enabling a technology-based competitive edge for the client, NIIT Technologies’ app yielded time-savings for both the agent and the prospective customer, increased productivity of the agents, and ensured better customer experience.

Enabling digital transformation at mid-tier banks

Banks are embracing digital transformation and looking for solutions which can be deployed almost instantly. Mid-tier and cooperative banks are further looking for cost-effective ways to stay relevant and competitive. With NIIT Technologies’ BankingEasy on Microsoft Azure cloud, mid-tier banks can instantly deploy a core banking solution with comprehensive digital functionalities.

case study
case study

Resilient Wi-Fi Lounges for a High-speed Train Service Provider

A high-speed train service provider sought to revamp their existing Wi-Fi connectivity at their premier business lounges to improve the user experience. NIIT Technologies deployed a unique and first-of-its-kind Wi-Fi solution that provided a secure connection and improved customer satisfaction through built-in analytics.

Customized Regulatory Reporting System for a Leading Financial Institution

NIIT Technologies implemented an automatic reporting system to support client’s analytics and decision-making capabilities. The system improved the efficiency of financial operations.

case study
case study

Fulfilling Regulatory Requirements for a Leading Insurance Carrier

A leading insurance carrier group sought regular improvements in servicing end user complaints. NIIT Technologies developed a framework that addressed the regulatory requirements of the client and helped them carry out quicker root-cause analysis of spiraling complaints.

Global Application Support for a Top-ranked Retirement Plan Provider

NIIT Technologies partnered with a top-ranked retirement plan provider to manage their legacy systems and support the changing business needs.

case study
case study

Accelerating App Delivery for a Large US-Based Insurer

A large US-based insurer was finding it difficult to ensure adequate test coverage for critical applications. NIIT Technologies, basis our proven experience in delivering testing solutions, implemented automated testing for the client, leveraging a generic framework for writing automation test cases.

Future-ready Revenue Accounting Solution for a South Korean Airline

Jeju Air wanted an integrated solution to improve process efficiency and guard against revenue leakages. NIIT Technologies partnered with the airline to deliver timely and accurate revenue accounting. The revenue accounting solution provided high quality throughput, ensured better revenue flow, streamlined processes, increased business efficiency, and guarded against revenue leakages.

case study
case study

Boosting ROI with Interline Audit Services for a National Carrier

Croatia wanted a trustworthy partner who could offer interline audit services to reduce manual efforts, increase staff efficiency, and increase ROI. NIIT Technologies’ MonaLisa was selected after appraising various solutions from a number of vendors to help the client build strategies to stay ahead of competition.


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