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Boosting ROI with Interline Audit Services for a National Carrier

Croatia wanted a trustworthy partner who could offer interline audit services to reduce manual efforts, increase staff efficiency, and increase ROI. NIIT Technologies’ MonaLisa was selected after appraising various solutions from a number of vendors to help the client build strategies to stay ahead of competition.

case study
case study

Transforming Revenue Accounting Functions for a German Leisure Airline

Condor sought to transform its revenue accounting functions to improve the quality of customer service. NIIT Technologies implemented its flexible passenger revenue accounting function in order to ensure that the airline was compliant with all the necessary airline business standards (interfaces with SIS, BSP, TKP, ARC, ATPCO, AIA etc.). We also provided complete BPS services required for end-to-end processing of client’s data including fare, sales, and interline audits.

Implementing Integrated Passenger Revenue Accounting for a Flagship Carrier

Air Astana wanted systems that could help them reduce manual efforts and processing time, and improve efficiencies while enhancing customer experience. NIIT Technologies partnered with the airline to implement MonaLisa, the user-friendly revenue accounting system. The integrated revenue accounting system monitored traffic efficiently, reduced revenue leakages, and maximized recovery in a timely manner.

case study
case study

How a Global IT Solutions Company is Creating a Culture of Delivering Exceptional Value to Customers

The case study discusses how NIIT Technologies chose UP! Your Service (UYS) vision to build an uplifting service culture for sustainable competitive advantage. It clarifies how the service vision “New Ideas, More Value” was articulated and how it enables a culture that promotes innovation and helps employees explore new ideas to add value to existing clients. NIIT Technologies conducted various workshops and programs to help employees uplift their service levels. IGNITE platform and INSPIRE framework were also hosted to encourage employees to contribute towards the service vision.

Redefining Air Cargo Operations with a High Performance Planning and Monitoring Tool

The employees of a wholly owned subsidiary of an airways company sought a planning and monitoring tool to improve the efficiency of warehouse operations, enable employees to effectively handle cargo hub operations, and ensure higher operating margins for the company. NIIT Technologies developed a warehouse operating system that enabled the client to optimally run day-to-day operations of the warehouse.

case study
case study

Accelerating Mobile-Enablement of a Technology Provider’s Hotel Reservation System

Get mobile fast or lose a hard-earned competitive edge—when our client was at this crossroad, they turned to NIIT Technologies. Their reservation system had a large client base in the hospitality industry.


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