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Reshaping the IT Landscape for Banking and Financial Enterprises

Financial services institutions face various IT challenges involvingregulatory compliance, technology platforms, high risks, cost reductions, and execution of business processes. We address these challenges by delivering agility-integrated frameworks, which adopt new technologies faster and are flexible enough to scale based on changing needs. Discover how our expertise from legacy modernization to operational transformation enables you to achieve efficiency gains and also take a strategic leap forward.


Streamline Framework: Enabling Cost-sensitive Transformation of Business Processes

Banks are focusing on achieving agility, simplifying processes, and unlocking business execution and performance of their systems. NIIT Technologies Streamline Process Automation Framework is a simplified and comprehensive operational transformation solution that reduces cost, improves customer service, and enhances operations. Our expertise and in-depth understanding of business processes has enabled us to deliver fluid processes at the speed of change.

Make Innovative, Real-time Enterprise Mobility Solutions a Reality

From improving operational efficiencies, generating revenues, and reducing costs to enhancing the customer experience–the explosive growth in mobile technology is impacting every sphere of the business landscape. While companies today make only limited use of mobile applications, the increased focus on driving application development for mobile solutions is a reality. NIIT Technologies helps you develop a well-defined, practical and robust mobile strategy that reduces time-to-market and ensures effectiveness.


Maximize Revenue with the MonaLisa Passenger Revenue Accounting System

NIIT Technologies’ MonaLisa Revenue Accounting is a next-generation solution that helps airlines access, process, and analyze information rapidly to meet revenue and efficiency goals. Our proven expertise and capabilities in revenue accounting are validated by the trust placed by 40 global airlines for their solution requirements. Learn more about the passenger revenue accounting system to improve cash-flows and deliver informed decision-making.


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