Application Portfolio Rationalization
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Application Portfolio Rationalization for Surface Transportation

With changing business needs and ongoing economic uncertainty, there is a clear need to prioritize and analyze applications to measure what value they deliver and their potential to deliver with the objective of reducing operational costs. Application rationalization is a standard process including an end-to- end analysis of application portfolios, identifying the overlapping functionalities, unused applications and bottlenecks within the systems.

NIIT Technologies’ Application portfolio rationalization (APR) service along with our expertise in the Travel and Transportation domain unlocks agility in customer applications while reducing cost, effort, and time-to- market. NIIT Technologies helps to transform highly complex, inefficient application portfolios into agile and productive portfolios aligned to customer business strategies.

Key Features

The NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Simplification and standardization to regain control of application landscape
  • Improved agility and operational excellence
  • Minimized cost of deployment and improved speed-to- market
  • Reduced operational cost and easy operational supportt
  • Reduced chances of failure
  • IImproved scalability and predictable performance

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