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Monetize Data

In order to provide a personalized service and maintain their competitive edge hospitality companies around the world are focused on various data analytics techniques to generate insights on what their customer wants. Hospitality companies now operate multiple IT systems and have data coming in from multiple sources.With the ever increasing volume of data the biggest challenge faced by Hospitality companies is the efficient managemnt of data to produce customer insights which could be utilized to improve business outcomes. NIIT Technolgoies with its extensive domain expertise along with its Analytics expertise can enable Hospitality companies to better manage, modernise and monetise their data

NIIT Technologies generates a Single Customer View of its client's end customers by generating insights across the entire customer journey. These customer insights are then utilized to improve segmentation, contextualisation and provide personalized services, the insights can be transformed in to monetising moments thus resulting in - improved campaign management , better ancillary sales across multiple channels like web/mobile/contact center and improved customer loyalty.

NIIT Technologies focuses on its three important pillars to generate a Single Unified View of the customer by harnessing data from multiple data sources.

  • Manage - Enterprise Data Management, Data Integration and Managed Services
  • Modernise - Data Lakes, Analytics and Virtualisation
  • Monetize - Visualization and Insights
Key Features
  • Personalised Campaign Management
  • improved Data Quality
  • improved Ancillary revenues
  • Single version of truth for key business elements – Data Reconciliation
  • Predictive Analytics for personalised digital expereince
  • Business KPI Dashboards
Monetize Data
Why Us ?
  • 100+ BI/Analytics projects dlivered in BI domain including Web Channel Datamart, Business Dashboards, Campaign Tracking and more across loyalty, customer and marketing, revenue management, portal and campaign management areas of business.
  • Offered personalized and contextually aware promotions leading to a 30% increase in conversion rate

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